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The Amalfi Coast: Positano

Posted on Sep 23, 2014







The last three days of our trip on the Amalfi Coast were spent in Positano (I’m getting end-of-vacation sadness again just thinking about it). It’s a cliff-side town filled with hidden staircases and paths, and an abundance of flowers and greenery. We spent most of our time on balconies and terraces, drinking wine and taking in the view we knew we’d soon be saying goodbye to.





During the days we would walk from our hotel down to Marina Grande to check out the restaurants and shops (mostly ceramic shops…which gave me a new creative itch to scratch). As for the beaches, I’m not sure if it was the rocky terrain, overcast weather, or the fact that we’ve been spoiled by Florida’s beaches, but we were more of the “take a walk on the beach fully dressed…and then go get gelato” type of people.





Our nights consisted of trying restaurants recommended by locals. One of the best views and experiences was at a family owned restaurant Ristorante da Constantino, and by family owned I mean one of the owners was our server, his niece was the hostess, and his brother was the driver of the private shuttle service that picked us up and dropped us off at our hotel! After finishing our dinner and carafe of house wine (made in-house, not like Florida where house wine means a lower-end brand like Barefoot), we were given the check paired with two complimentary glasses of limoncello (also made in-house). It didn’t hurt either that our table was right next to our very own window overlooking the entire town.


We spent most of our time in Positano taking in the moments we had left, and reminiscing on the moments we had already. We were both shocked at how fast not only our wedding had gone but now our honeymoon, two things we had looked forward to for so long. And even though this chapter was coming to a close, I couldn’t help but feel excited. Excited to know that I have this guy by my side to write the rest of life’s chapters with. Whether it’s sitting at home on our couch or traveling the world, I’ll have that “looking forward to something” feeling for the rest of my life. Happy one month anniversary, Casey! Cheers to many, MANY more months (and years).


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