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On My Mind: September Issue

Posted on Sep 25, 2014


I recently took a four hour diversity and inclusion training for work, and you might think the same things I thought “Why are we doing this? Is this really necessary? Will there be food? I think we all get along with our differences just fine.” What I didn’t realize during all of the games, power points, and pretzels…is what I would takeaway from this class afterwards. Drum roll please…everyone is different, BUT what I learned is everyone is similar too. Which left me thinking…how similar we all are and we just don’t know it because we’re too busy creating false impressions of each other based on social media, photos, blogs, etc. Hence the reason for the On My Mind series.

This is a series where I can share what’s on my mind in the hopes of connecting with my readers (…besides my mom and dad) based on similarities we may not have noticed before. Plus, I think it’s important you all know that I ate a pint of pistachio ice cream and watched Jimmy Fallon re-runs.

So here it goes, the first things on my mind (correction, first things on the blog…I’ve had lots of things on my mind before this blog):

Dreaming of: taking another trip soon. It’s been less than a month since we’ve been back, and we’re already trying to plan our next travels. Me thinking about where to go next though is like ten people trying to get through the doorway at once. I just want to go do it all!

Craving: Talenti Sicilian Pistachio Gelato. Friday night can’t come soon enough (Don’t judge me for my weekend plans).

Making: some gold wall decor very soon (disclaimer for Casey: and other color decor as well)! I’m all gold erythang lately, and can’t wait to experiment with some pieces above our new home bar! If my “making” plans fail or you’re just not into making things – my inspiration photo came from Horchow, where they sell these amazing geometric prints.

Watching: hilarious re-run of Aziz Ansari on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon from last October. I’ve been on a roll with Aziz Ansari and Jimmy Fallon on Youtube lately; anyone else have recommendations for me to get hooked on?

And there it is! The first issue of On My Mind - what’s on yours?


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