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On My Mind: October Edition

Posted on Oct 16, 2014


It’s October, and you can feel it in the air! Well, sometimes. It’s hard to tell when you live in Florida. Once in awhile you’ll wake up to sixty-five degree weather, put on your favorite sweater, and by noon you’re trying not to have a heat stroke on the way out to your car. So for us Floridians, we take a different approach to getting into fall. It usually consists of a lot of stereotypical activities like watching Hocus Pocus, buying mustard yellow stuff, eating pumpkin flavored everything, having bonfires but also standing far away from them (because it’s fall but it’s hot as hell here), and many other things. After putting together a list of things on my mind these past couple of weeks, it’s safe to say whether I tried to or not, the season has found it’s way into my thoughts. Here’s what’s on my mind:

Dreaming of: getting together with friends and family. There may not be foliage in Florida, but it’s definitely fall when you can sit on your porch without your forehead sweating, and drink a seasonal beer (or cider) together. Plus, we just received a new corn-hole set as a wedding gift, and we need people to come over and play!

Craving: a mustard yellow shopping spree! Scarves, hats, flats, pea-coats, you name it. I’ll admit I do own one scarf this color already, but I’ve got the gold/bronze/mustard yellow itch and I need more!

Making: our living room cozy after all. It’s been a busy year planning a wedding, but now that we’re newly weds we couldn’t help but get started on a new project. We’ve got antlers, chalkboard paint, and a new bar to fill…final product coming soon (fingers crossed).

Watching: American Horror Story Freak Show. I can’t help myself but spoiler alert: could the clown have been any scarier?! I’m not a big fan of scary stuff or the fact that this show comes on after dark, but it’s definitely a show I would recommend to anyone (and if you have DVR watch it during the day). It’s one episode in and I already have so many questions…and new fears.

And there’s what’s On My Mind - what’s on yours?


Images: Antlers / Yellow Flats / Pea coat / Scarf / American Horror Story

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