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Five Reasons Business Owners Should Take Online Presence Seriously

Posted on Oct 13, 2014

Having an online presence is crucial for a business in this day and age, but business owners aren’t taking it seriously. They often have a nephew, sister-in-law, friend of a friend “building their website” or “taking care of the social media” for free. Like my parents used to say – there’s a reason it’s free.

If you’re a Tampa business owner who stumbled upon this blog entry because you’ve been reading up on online presence…good for you! You’re one step ahead of the people who refuse to Google what online presence even means. So let’s get started with five reasons why business owners need to take online presence seriously:

1. It reflects you.

You wouldn’t buy something from a store with boarded up windows and graffiti on the walls, would you? Maybe you would, but you certainly wouldn’t if you had the option to go to an immaculate store next door selling the exact same thing. The same goes for your website – no one wants to put their credit card information into a form on a site that looks like it was built in the 90’s and takes forever to load. They’ll scroll onto the next site which will probably be responsive and beautiful, and you’ll be out of a customer.

2. It levels the playing field.

The location and size of a business no longer matters in terms of success. Thanks to Search Engine Optimization, all businesses have the same opportunities to reach their target audience. Incorporating quality content and keywords into your online presence can help your business rank higher during a search. Quality online presence equals higher rankings. Higher rankings equal more potential customers. More potential customers equal more business. Boom! You’re welcome.

3. It helps build relationships.

No, making a Facebook account and posting fifteen things in a row about your company and its’ products will not help you build relationships with your target audience. They will delete you. Social media platforms are a way for you to engage with your target audience and connect with them on a personal level. Be consistent with posting relevant and shareable content and replying to you followers. You want them to know you’re human and that you care.

4. It establishes credibility.

Having a quality website makes your business appear bigger and more successful than it actually may be. Being consistent on social media and engaging with your audience helps them to establish trust with your brand. Having a credible brand is often noted by customers and shared with others, which often increases your business’s reach.

5. And, last but not least – it makes the difference.

Business owners need to take online presence seriously if they take their business seriously. Online presence is the opportunity for a business to reach and build relationships with their entire target audience, not just their local one. It’s the opportunity for a business to reach its’ maximum potential.

The internet is not a fad, and it is not going anywhere – so get started and good luck! I hope to see your business on the first page of my search one day.

This blog was featured in Tampa Marketing Ideas back in February.


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