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Ten Things People in the Creative Industry Will Understand

Posted on Oct 22, 2014

1) When someone else gets credit for your idea

2) Getting paid on time for freelance work without any hassle
3) When your client has this great idea and it means changing everything
4) When your computer shuts off and you realize you never saved the project you’ve been working on all day
5) When you step away from a project, but forget to set an alarm (because stepping away always means falling asleep)
6) Getting distracted by the smallest things
7) When someone you know asks you to do freelance as a free favor
8) When you’re getting ready to pitch a really good idea
9) When clients want to see rough drafts right after the meeting
10) When you complete the checklist in your planner for the day
Comment below and share what else us creative industry insiders would totally understand! Plus, a huge thanks to Mad Men and the amazing moments captured in GIFs by

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