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Reminiscing #MacaronDay ...because when else could I have shared this picture?!
Glamorous life ???????? #boatsandbones @mistermurphymac
Uh oh @mistermurphymac found out Hall & Oates is here this weekend...
Great weekend with friends ????????????
Enjoying the neighbor's new fake grass ????
Reminiscing on this balcony view in Positano ??
On My Mind: September Issue

On My Mind: September Issue

Posted on Sep 25, 2014

I recently took a four hour diversity and inclusion training for work, and you might think the same things I thought “Why are we doing this? Is this really necessary? Will there be food? I think we all get along with our differences just fine.” What I didn’t realize during all of the games, power points, and […]

Our Wedding

Our Wedding

Posted on Sep 19, 2014

People always warn you how fast your wedding day comes and goes. So it wasn’t a surprise when we woke up the day after our wedding only able to account for about five minutes of the night. It’s a “day after Christmas” feeling that is a thousand times worse. You build up to this day for an […]